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Benning Associates has the ability to execute on a wide range of client investment banking needs, with the sophistication of bankers who were trained at large international investment banks, and the attentive service-oriented approach of a middle market boutique.

Successfully executing corporate transactions in the middle market requires a different banking skill set than "large cap, investment grade deals." Transaction risks are higher, because companies have more concentrated businesses, key employees and customers, and potentially fewer counterparties. Bankers need to be able to have very personal conversations with private company owners, as well as debate valuation and structure with Fortune 1000 counterparties and institutional investors. The need for transaction alternatives is key to maintaining an effective negotiating position.

Services listed herein required to be performed by a registered broker-dealer including acquisitions and sales invovling stock or debt, as well as capital-sourcing, shall be performed by principals of Benning Associates LLC, acting as registered securities agents of BML Securities LLC.

Typical Assignments

Acquisition Search Approximately 1/3 of our transaction experience has involved representing public and private, financial sponsor and cross-border acquirers. We have extensive private company and investor relationships, and solid buy-side M&A skills and financing capabilities. We have a solid reputation for market-driven valuation, structuring and negotiation strategy, that is additive to our clients' internal M&A teams, and legal and accounting advisors.
Business Sales and Divestitures We have an established reputation as expert sell-side process managers, and demonstrated success representing clients in negotiated and strategic transactions. We are creative in our positioning of our clients' businesses. We articulate to each prospective counter-party the full investment and/or strategic potential of our clients. We are meticulous in preparing descriptive and financial materials that ensure a smooth, efficient sale process.
Capital Sourcing When seeking to fund growth or acquisitions, recapitalize the business or take money off the table, most businesses have needs beyond their internal resources or senior bank debt. We draw on our bulge bracket, regional and boutique capital markets experiences and an extensive network of financing counterparties, to help our clients tap a full range of capital funding opportunities.
Retained Advisory We are regularly retained for ongoing reviews of business plans and interim operating results. This service is valuable to the client because of the focus it creates in terms of managing for value, and positioning their company for future financing or M&A transactions. We also provide regular updates and briefings on market activity, recent transactions and key competitors.
Outsourced Corporate Development Many Fortune 1000 companies have internal staffs of former investment bankers and strategy consultants to analyze and execute corporate development initiatives. We provide this service to middle market companies on an outsourced basis, allowing them to access similar skill sets cost-effectively, create a long-term working relationship allowing deeper insight and value-add, and be in a better position to effectively pursue corporate transactions when attractive opportunities present themselves.
Specialty Advisory We have extensive experience representing special committees, and executing specialty advisory assignments, including various forms of opinions and valuations, such as fairness and solvency opinions, option valuation and takeover defenses. We are also periodically engaged as a secondary advisor to clients, to provide advice on managing their other investment bankers, lenders or underwriters.