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Benning Associates is structured to bring Wall Street level banking to mid-market companies.

We founded Benning Associates for two reasons. The first reason, is that we believe that middle market clients are far too often under-served by their bankers. Either they are working with Wall Street firms where they don't get sufficient senior level attention, or they are working with small firms that can't leverage a wealth of transaction experience.

The second reason is that we know we can do better. Benning Associates brings the experience of a big Wall Street firm, the flexibility and creativity of a boutique, and the drive, determination and low-cost structure of a technology leveraged startup

How We Add Value

Long-Term Relationship At BA we don't believe that a relationship is a transaction. Our goal is to be involved very early on in the process, well before a transaction is contemplated. We realize that gaining client trust and understanding your unique business and needs take time. We are patient advisors.
Senior Attention BA dedicates our most senior professionals to each transaction. Our client-partners benefit from the creativity and experience of seasoned Wall Street managing directors, who are supported by tenacious, highly motivated deal teams.
Focused Expertise BA is not "all things to all people." We are experts in executing $15MM - $150MM corporate transactions seeking external growth (buyside M&A), owner liquidity (sales/divestitures/recaps) and/or growth financing. We are intimately aware of the unique characteristics of the middle market.
Established Reputation BA principals have closed many notable transactions in the industries we cover. Our principals have a solid reputation for sophisticated valuation and financial analysis, transaction management and deal-related negotiation. We have extensive contacts and relationships, and an ability to effectively reach decision-makers globally as prospective counter-parties for our client engagements.
We Listen BA leverages information technology so that we have more time to understand your business. To listen. To learn your concerns and develop a strategy and approach that optimizes your objectives.
We invest the time and work collaboratively with clients. This leads to a more compelling positioning of their story to potential partners and investors, a greater understanding of possible scenarios and alternatives and overall a more seamless and efficient process.
We Develop Options We do not deploy a "shot gun" approach to the market. Instead, we tailor each transaction and deliver market feedback on a pre-qualified basis so that our client-partners receive multiple offers and achieve maximum valuation. We also believe in taking the time to develop the "creative option." Over our careers we have closed numerous deals that were "creative options" or where our negotiated structures overcame objections, got the deal done and created client financial value.
Flexible Fees BA has a flexible approach to structure engagements and fees, to right-fit client circumstances.